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DUI Defense​​

Ripley Bell is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights against the prosecution’s interest in obtaining a conviction for Driving Under the Influence charges.

Albany DUI Lawyer

In this highly specialized area of the law, you can’t afford to hire a lawyer unfamiliar with both the criminal and civil penalties for drunk driving. Having the right representation can often mean the difference between a clean record and a conviction that includes a dirver’s license suspension, increased insurance rates and possibly jail time.

In some cases, independent forensic evaluations of breathalyzers, blood, and urine samples can help to secure a DUI dismissal or acquittal. In other cases, a person’s civil liberties were violated, rendering testimony from police officers and other prosecution witnesses inadmissible. The circumstances of your case could affect the outcome of the litigation. At the Law Offices of Ripley Bell, PC, I personally evaluate the circumstances leading up to your arrest to offer you comprehensive legal advice and representation throughout a DUI proceeding.

Protecting Your Rights in DUI Cases

It doesn’t take much for law enforcement officials to charge a driver with drunk driving. Drivers often unwittingly give arresting officers probable cause to charge them with DUI by willingly consenting to preliminary breath tests or a battery of roadside sobriety tests. Both of these types of tests are completely voluntary, but a police officer can use the results of these extremely subjective tests as probable cause to arrest you. Additionally, drivers who have been charged with DUI frequently incriminate themselves by trying to explain their circumstances to law enforcement officials or answer their questions. There are three things you should do after you have been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving are to:

  • Refuse any preliminary breath tests or roadside breath tests to which you are asked to submit
  • Say nothing to law enforcement officials during or following your arrest
  • Contact an aggressive Georgia DUI attorney as soon as possible


Although the DMV will suspend your license in the State of Georgia following your refusal to take a roadside sobriety test, appealing this suspension is a much easier process than is undoing the suspension of your license due to a DUI conviction.

Drivers License Suspension

If your driver’s license is facing suspension, I might be able to help. I have worked with the Department of Public Safety and various municipalities across Georgia to minimize the amount of time our clients spend with a suspended license, and his experience could result in a much shorter suspension time for you.

Get in touch with a seasoned DUI attorney today and I’ll get to work on a robust criminal defense to safeguard your freedom and keep you on the road. I promise you we will do everything legally possible to prevent you from being convicted on drunk driving charges.

Call The Law Office Ripley Bell at (229) 439-8987 to speak with a seasoned Albany DUI lawyer.

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